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Your donation to Mountain Writers Series provides an annual membership and, if you choose, the option to be included in our writer's database. Hit the link at the bottom of the page to donate online with Paypal or credit card. Or if you wish to send a check, print the Membership Form and mail to Mountain Writers Series, 2804 SE 27th Avenue, #2, Portland OR 97202.


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Below is the donation request from Board Member Tom Bremer asking for your support when we were approaching our 40th anniversary celebration. Now we are approaching 45 years of serving the literary community. Yes, we're still at it with readings, high-quality writing workshops, book launches and special events; and, yes, we're still asking for your support as we promote ever-new generations of writers and readers and aucience members. Your donations mean a lot. And you can donate to Mountain Writers through as well. Mountain Writers is one of the few remaining small, independent non-profit writing organizations serving the community. We appreciate your donations and support of the writers and audiences we serve.



Dear Friend of Mountain Writers Series,

For decades, Portland and our larger Northwest community have enjoyed a reputation as a literary oasis. Independent bookstores have thrived, audiences for poetry and prose have swelled, and writers have found a welcoming environment to work and teach. Mountain Writers Series is proud to be an active, contributing partner to this vibrant community. Mountain Writers Series’ role in the Northwest literary arts has been unique and enduring.

Since our founding in 1973, we have sponsored and facilitated thousands of literary events, broadcasts, readings, conferences, seminars and workshops. We have become one of the nation’s largest and longest running networks to celebrate the written and spoken word. Poets and writers of regional, national, and international reputation have been welcomed into our community by Mountain Writers Series to share with our audiences and to experience the literary life of Portland and the Northwest.

Despite Mountain Writers Series’ formidable tradition, funds and funding sources are shrinking. (We know you’ve heard the lament of resources and the litany of cuts.) As we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Mountain Writers Series, we reach out to our audience, patrons, and writers for your generous support. Please consider an end-of-year contribution by making a donation on our website. Hit the link below to use a credit card for this contribution. (You do not need a PayPal account to use this feature.)

Oregonians who make a donation to Mountain Writers Series can also make possible a comparable donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust, a unique program for supporting the arts in Oregon. That donation can then, within certain limits, be claimed as a tax credit when you file your Oregon tax return for the year. If you live in Oregon, your donation to Mountain Writers Series can do double duty: a win-win situation for all. Go to for more information.

We appreciate whatever gift you can make.


Tom Bremer
Mountain Writers Series Board of Directors


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